Exit     Drills     In     The     Home

     The key to survival in any situation is planning.  Without a plan, you don't know where you are going or what you are doing.

     Imagine it is 3 a.m. and your house is full of smoke.  The fire is blocking the front door to your house.  How are you and your family going to escape?  How will you know if everyone is out of the house?

     E.D.I.T.H. is a program that can help you make appropriate plans for emergency exit from your home.  By establishing an emergency plan and then practicing itat least twice a year, you can help ensure your family's safety.

Some Points To Consider When Planning

An Emergency Evacuation

* Know where all viable emergency exits, including windows, are in your residence. A "viable" exit is one that allows access to the ground or deck with not more than a 5 foot drop.

* Plan what secondary exit you will use if your primary exit is blocked.

* For bedrooms that do not have a viable exit, purchase and install an emergency escape ladder, and place it under the window to be used.

* Establish a family meeting point away from the house. All family members should meet there as soon as they are out of the building.


This page was created by members of the Barbourville (KY) Firemens' Club for your education and enjoyment.


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Created: April 23, 2000

Last Modified: February 5, 2008