Why are Dalmatians considered to be "Fire Dogs"?

Back in the times of stagecoaches and horses, there was a problem with thieves stealing horses. They were very valuable in those days. Horses were used to pull stagecoaches, fire pumpers, and any other type of cart that needed moved from place to place. People used to sleep outside with their horses to guard against thieves.

Now if a person had a Dalmatian, they could sleep inside. Do you know why? Dalmatians formed a tight bond with horses and could sleep outside with them and guard against thieves. Since every firehouse had a set of horses, it became common for firehouses to have a Dalmatian around. They would guard the horses and keep the firemen company when they weren't out fighting fires.

Horses are no longer in firehouses, but the Dalmatians still are. So the next time someone asks, "Why are Dalmatians known as fire dogs"?, you'll know the answer.





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